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Eggsperiment Testing

Recently groups of Primary 1-4 and Primary 4-7 pupils designed protective helmets for an egg. This was to simulate protecting the Brain as part of our topic looking at how the body works.

Mrs Shiel brought Primary 1-4 over to join Primary 4-7 in testing the helmets to see which group had the most successful design.

The eggs were put into their helmets and then dropped from a height of 30 centimetres.  If they survived this test they were then dropped from 60 centimetres and then one metre. About five helmets survived to go into the final test of a 1.5 metre drop.

One Primary 4-7 group were ultimate winners of the eggsperiment, Murray, Callum and Megan, had the best design.  They tried to push the design to it’s limits and it failed at 2 metres.  Well done to the winning group, and all the groups for their efforts.

The whole activity was very eggciting and everyone enjoyed the cracking eggsperiment – no yoke! 


Testing our Egg Helmets
Testing our Egg Helmets

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