The battle of Flodden was fought in the county of Northumberland in northern England on 9 September 1513, between an invading Scots army under King James IV and an English army commanded by the Earl of Surrey. It was an English victoryKing James IV was killed in the battle.

Primary 5-7 looked briefly at the details of this battle and Primary 3/4 are looking at this battle as a topic this term.  To help understand the battle Mr Skelly (Joseph's dad) who is an enthusiast of history, kindly gave up his time to talk to the pupils and show them a selection of reproduction weapons and armour.

Some pupils held the swords and dressed up in the armour, and Mr Skelly gave us a fascinating insight on what led up to the battle and afterwards.

Have a look at some photos from the day to see how the pupils enjoyed the event. Smile

Mr Skelly with a weapons display and the classes looking on.

Organising the battle in the hall


The various battle groups within the Scots and English ranks


Kyle and Andre handle swords and wear the heavy protective clothing


Angus and Callum try out the weapons


Fabienne gets instruction on how to use the sword and Alissa feels how heavy the helmet is to wear


Matilda, Ollie, Connor and Joanna have a go at sword fighting with wooden swords with instruction from Mr Skelly