Primary 5-7 are finding out about Ancient Greece, in particular looking at the story of Troy and how Paris and Helen started the war.

We have looked at weapons, armour and type of warfare, and the fact that most soldiers in ancient Greece had regular jobs and were called up to fight, so wars had to be short.  The battle of Troy however lasted ten years.

We will be involved in a variety of work over the coming weeks and here you can see the class making shields used in ancient Greece, using collage.



Murray, Reagan and Tegan working on their shields




Alissa and Abbie work on their shields


Amelie and JD carefully adding pieces to their designs


Samuel and Zara work on their collage shield


Fabienne, Jade and Joanna enjoying the task


Connor and Chloe work on their shields


Morven and Andre take their time over their collage shield